So many Nigerians are looking for where to access Treatment for an Enlarged prostate in Nigeria.

What is a prostate? The prostate is a small organ located below the bladder in men.

Its main function is to provide nutritious fluid that forms a part of the semen.

As men grow older, the prostate often resumes growth for reasons not yet fully understood.

Additionally, this can result in irritative and obstructive urinary symptoms due to compression of the urinary tube thereby restricting the flow of urine.


For men over 40, benign prostatic hyperplasia is the most common prostate problem. As many as 16 million men in the United States had symptoms in their lower urinary tract that pointed to benign prostatic hyperplasia in 2012. Although benign prostatic hyperplasia rarely causes symptoms before the age of 40, its occurrence and symptoms get worse with age. Between 50 and 65 percent of men and up to 90 percent of men over 80 are affected by benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Some common symptoms include:

  1. Frequent Urination during the night and during the day – Patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia urinate at least eight times per day. 
  2. Urgency – the need to urinate immediately and the inability to delay urination.
  3. Hesitancy – the flow of urine doesn’t start immediately.
  4. A lack of steady urine flow – The urine flow is not steady.
  5. The flow of urine is slow = The flow of the urine is usually very slow.
  6. Blood in urine – In some cases, there is blood in the urine.
  7. Incomplete emptying – After urination, the bladder doesn’t empty completely.
  8. Dripping after urination – There is dripping of urine after urination.

Hence, It may become necessary to see a urologist who is a medical doctor specialising in diagnosing and treating diseases affecting the urinary and genital tract.

At Eleos Specialist Hospital Umuahia, located in Umuahia, Abia state Nigeria we have specialists that deal with urinary and genital tract issues. If you are looking for a hospital that handles Treatment for an Enlarged prostate in Nigeria you can contact us.


In some men, worsening symptoms may develop into recurrent urinary tract infections, bladder stones or a diverticulum (outpouching) of the bladder.

Also, it may ultimately culminate in acute urinary retention (a painful inability to urinate), or chronic urinary retention (where the bladder fails to empty properly and is unable to empty a large volume of its content).

So, these conditions put the kidneys at risk for damage. If untreated for a long time may lead to end-stage renal disease.

What are the options for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia?

There are various treatment options for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Treatment choice is often based on several factors and must be individualised to the patient.

Generally speaking, the first line for initial treatment is often medical (with oral medication) in men unsuitable for watchful waiting.

If this fails (the disease continues to worsen) or if you do not take medication daily for the rest of your life, then intervention is considered.


Yes you can access Treatment for an Enlarged prostate in Nigeria.

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP)  a “no incision” treatment option and a range of other treatment options are offered at Eleos Hospital in Umuahia Abia State, Nigeria.

Finding a Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) Urologist.

So, Identifying a surgeon to perform any procedure is the most critical decision one can make in treating urological diseases not treatable by medication.

Lastly, A consultation with the urologist would include a complete assessment of the patient’s disease and individualisation of treatment options.

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