Causes and symptoms of Hydronephrosis in Nigeria. : What is Hydronephrosis?

So many Nigerians have been making enquires both online and offline on the Causes and symptoms of Hydronephrosis in Nigeria.

What is Hydronephrosis? 

Hydronephrosis is a condition where both Kidneys swell due to the incomplete emptying of the urinary tract. When the urinary tract is not fully emptied it creates a fertile ground for Hydronephrosis.

Hydronephrosis can be sudden or chronic. It can be partial or complete. It can attack the side or be bilateral. It can occur anywhere along the urinary tract.

It can occur from the opening of the kidneys to the ureters (draining the kidneys to the bladder), the bladder, and the urethra (draining the bladder).

If their ever occur a Problem within any of these structures, it may cause impaired emptying of the urinary system. The back up of fluid and pressure inclusive.

So many people are interested in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria what Hydronephrosis is all about

As we go on you will understand more why people are so inquisitive about causes symptoms and treatment of Hydronephrosis in Nigeria. First, we will start by looking at the causes.

Causes of hydronephrosis?

Kidney stones 

Kidney stone is not a disease that one should take lightly hence the need to know about it.

Kidney stones (also referred to as renal calculi, nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis) are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys.

They can also be stones that may become lodged in the kidneys or urinary tract. They can be caused by Diet, excess body weight and some medical conditions.
In addition to the above, certain supplements and medications are among the many causes of kidney stones.

Kidney stones can affect any part of your urinary tract — from your kidneys to your bladder. Often, stones form when the urine becomes concentrated, allowing minerals to crystallize and stick together.

Kidney stone is a disease that is now very common in Umuahia Abia State Nigeria.

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Tumors in the bladder, prostate gland, uterus or other organs that are part of or near the urinary tract may cause blockages that disrupt the flow of urine.

Prostate cancer is a disease that is very common now in Umuahia South East Nigeria hence the need to take it serious.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH):

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) — also called prostate gland enlargement — is a common condition men experience as they get older.

An enlarged prostate gland can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms, like; blocking the flow of urine out of the bladder.

It can also cause bladder, urinary tract or kidney problems. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in men can cause pressure on the urethra, the tube that urine passes through before it leaves the body. 

It is not a disease one should take lightly in Nigeria.

Having blood clots:

Renal vein thrombosis is blockage of the renal vein, which carries blood away from the kidney, by a blood clot. These blood clot can damage the kidney. The symptoms may be minimal unless the blood clot develops suddenly. 

Blood cloth is a very serious ailment which one should avoid in Nigeria.

Narrowing or structure of the urinary tract:

This narrowing can be due to injury, infection, birth defects or surgery.

Nerve or muscle problems:

Nerve pain (neuralgia) is irritation, inflammation, or other conditions that directly affects the functioning of nervous tissues. It results in soreness and discomfort. This problem can affect the kidneys or ureters. It can come from diabetes mellitus.

Remember that diabetes mellitus is when elevated blood sugar levels damage nerves and their vascular supply.

Urinary retention:

Urinary retention is a condition in which you are not able to empty all the urine from your bladder.

It is not a disease, but a condition that may be related to other health problems, such as prostate problems in men or a cystocele in women.

Urinary retention can be acute which is a sudden inability to urinate at all, or chronic which is a gradual inability to empty the bladder. Urine may be held inside the body due to an inability to empty the bladder.

Vesicoureteral reflux:

Vesicoureteral reflux is the flow of urine from your bladder back up the tubes (ureters) that connect your kidneys to your bladder. This condition is completely abnormal.

Normally, urine flows from your kidneys through the ureters down to your bladder. It’s not supposed to flow back up.

Vesicoureteral reflux is usually diagnosed in infants and children. It increases the risk of urinary tract infection if not treated. It can lead to kidney damage.

Children may outgrow primary vesicoureteral reflux. Treatment includes medication or surgery. The aim of this treatment is to prevent kidney damage.


A ureterocele is a swelling at the bottom of one of the ureters. Ureters are the tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the bladder. The swollen area can block urine flow.

It is usually a birth defect. or we can say it is a condition where the lower part of the ureter may protrude into the bladder.

Remember we are still looking at Causes and symptoms of Hydronephrosis in Nigeria. We are now going to be looking at the symptoms.

Symptoms of hydronephrosis?

Sudden or intense pain in the back or side

You may experience sudden and intense pain in your back or your side


The sudden urge to vomit.


Vomiting is to eject matter from the stomach through the mouth

Frequent or painful urination

Frequent or painful urination is a situation whereby you feel pain or a burning sensation when you urinate. Men and women of any age can experience dysuria, but it’s more common in women. Urinary tract infections are commonly associated with Frequent or painful urination. 

Blood in the urine

Another huge symptom of Hydronephrosis is blood in the urine. Whenever you experience that know that it could be time to see a doctor.

Weakness or malaise

Hydronephrosis causes severe weakness or malaise. If feeling unwell and part of your symptoms is severe weakness or malaise, it could be a cause for concern. You would need to see a doctor.

Fever due to a urinary tract infection

Fever due to urinary tract infection could be as a result of Hydronephrosis.
No major change in urine output although it may be decreased
If no major change in urine output although it is decreasing, It could be a cause of concern.

Now you know much about Causes and symptoms of Hydronephrosis in Nigeria. The next thing you need to learn about is how to treat it. As you have seen from the causes and symptoms, it is not what one should take lightly. At Eleos Specialist hospital we don’t take this disease lightly. We have strong record of treating Hydronephrosis.

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